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Joe Jonas Displays His “Body Moves” For DNCE

October 11, 2016 0 Comments

I’m not one to throw up a music video and call it a post, but the clip for DNCE’s new single, “Body Moves,” puts frontman Joe Jonas on full display, so…

Like the song itself, the “Body Moves” video is lightweight fun. And in what has proved to be enjoyably shameless Nick vs. Joe “Hottest JoBro” promo — I’ve no complaints about the push and pull — this round is all Joe’s. (I could, however, do without his brief motorboating of model Charlotte McKinney.)

Goosed by the music video, I’ve no doubt that the sinewy “Body Moves” will shoulder its way into the top 10 in short order.

Stream DNCE – “Body Moves” via Spotify, Apple Music. The band’s self-titled debut arrives November 18.