Video Premiere

Chairlift’s Déjà View

March 2, 2012 0 Comments

Brooklyn synthpop duo Chairlift have served up quite the music video for new single, “Met Before,” from their most excellent new album, Something.

“Met Before” is actually several music videos in one, as the clip’s inspired by those Choose Your Own Adventure books so many of us enjoyed as kids in the ’80s. Instead of flipping to a particular page, you control the direction of the story whenever a left and right arrow appears. The basic jist has Caroline Polachek and Patrick Wimberly playing PhD students exploring the existence of parallel universes.

Depending on whether you go left or right, you might encounter a love story, a classroom grudge match, Polachek shaving her legs, or Wimberly literally becoming chairlifted after consuming some forest mushrooms (as seen above). Or some completely different scene I haven’t yet encountered, though I’ve played “Met Before” different ways four times through.

It’s really that much fun, and for a song steeped in Pet Sounds reverb with a ’60s psychedelic haze, the dizzying number of options totally fits. Kudos to director Jordan Fish and m ss ng p eces, who put it all together. Watch (and play) “Met Before” here.

Purchase Chairlift – “Met Before” via iTunes, Amazon MP3.