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Years & Years’ New Arrival, “Meteorite”

September 16, 2016 0 Comments

Perhaps I owe an apology to the Pop Gods.

They must have been eavesdropping the other day when, with Years & Years’ “King” on repeat, I wondered new music might be forthcoming from the London trio. Just a few days later “Meteorite” appeared, a tune birthed for the soundtrack to Bridget Jones’s Baby.

“We wanted to make something unashamedly disco and upbeat,” says frontman Olly Alexander of “Meteorite.” (He also went on to say, “If there’s anyone I’d like to be it’s Bridget, a wanton sex goddess with a very bad man between her thighs,” but I’ll just leave you to ponder his desire at your own leisure.)

Now to be sure, “Meteorite” is no “King” and certainly won’t be bothering my top five Years & Years tracks, nor is it the best song titled “Meteorite” in the pop universe (hello, Mariah, who fired off her own unashamedly disco track with the same name two years back).

But Years & Years’ “Meteorite” is certainly lightweight fun, making it a perfect fit for Bridget Jones’s Baby, which is delivering good reviews (no less than Kurt Loder is angling for a fourth edition).

Listen to Years & Years’ new delivery below (well, for a literal minute, as the band’s upload appears to be designed to encourage full-term enjoyment elsewhere):

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