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Back Into The Blondfire

January 10, 2012 0 Comments

Brother-sister duo Blondfire kick off the New Year with a stream of “Walking With Giants,” the follow-up single to last November’s “Where The Kids Are.”

While the sound of “Where The Kids Are” was MGMT-meets-Metric, the latest from Bruce and Erica Driscoll shines with a bright Cardigans vibe, thanks to some front-and-center guitar. “‘Walking With Giants’ is our sunshine day, on top of the world song,” Erica tells Popservations. “We’re shooting a video for it in the next couple weeks, and then we’ll be making the single available on iTunes, etc., along with the release of the video.”

If you need to shake off the post-holiday blues, giving “Walking With Giants” a spin or three will do the trick nicely. And if you’re already feeling good, Blondfire’s new single should widen that smile.

Blondfire has finished recording their new album, Win The Game, with a release expected in the next couple of months.