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Perfect Discollusion (Gaga Don’t Preach)

September 19, 2016 0 Comments

Mere moments after Lady Gaga’s “Perfect Illusion” premiered earlier this month, some keen-eared listeners called out a(nother) Madonna moment.

Gaga’s “Perfect illusion!” exclamation in the chorus shares a melody with Madonna’s “Keepin’ my baby” from her 1986 #1 hit, “Papa Don’t Preach.” The connection was immediate enough to merit mention in Jon Pareles’ New York Times review of “Perfect Illusion.”

Thus with a mashup of the two songs just waiting for the taking, Robin Skouteris, a master at these sorts of things, has produced “PERFECT DISCOLLUSION (Gaga Don’t Preach).” Working with Dubtronic’s We Are In Love Mix of “Papa Don’t Preach” as well as Freemasons’ mix of Disco Freaks’ “Take Me 2 the Sun,” he also brings in a bit of Lady Gaga’s own “Scheiße” to boot. Listen below:

Free download of Lady Gaga/Madonna/Freemasons – “PERFECT DISCOLLUSION (Gaga Don’t Preach) (Robin Skouteris vs. Dubtronic Mashup Mix)” via Sowndhaus.