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Can’t Go ‘Home’ Again

March 30, 2012 3 Comments

If you’ve been holding out for a Supertramp reunion — who are you, exactly? — best direct your energies elsewhere, as the likelihood of that ever happening is infinitesimally small. The odds are probably better that you’d win tonight’s record Mega Millions jackpot.

Founding co-member Roger Hodgson tells Billboard that Supertramp will never reunite. “Unfortunately, the door was closed,” says Hodgson, who left the band for a solo career in 1983. Ray Davies, with whom Hodgson had shared songwriting and lead vocal duties (akin to a Lennon-McCartney relationship), continued on with Supertramp, with members since added and subtracted.

Back to my question at the start. I can’t imagine that anyone is still clamoring for the original Supertramp lineup to get back together, but I also can’t imagine my childhood without a few of their songs — “The Logical Song” (that sax is indelibly marked upon my psyche), “Goodbye Stranger,” “Take The Long Way Home,” and “It’s Raining Again.” The first three are all hits from Supertramp’s breakthrough album, 1979’s Breakfast In America, while “Raining” was from 1982’s …Famous Last Words…, the band’s last set with Hodgson. Though that single was a particular favorite (it reached #11 on the Billboard Hot 100), I’d never bought the 45.

Building my CD collection in college, I picked up a Supertramp greatest hits collection — one of those no-frills A&M Classics compilations — and was disappointed to discover that “It’s Raining Again” wasn’t as magical to me a decade later. But the others, especially “Take The Long Way Home,” remained amazing. The sound of Hodgson’s lyrics — Does it feel that your life’s become a catastrophe? — are as much a part of the melody as the music itself. And then there’s the harmonica, of course.

Roger Hodgson is currently on his Breakfast In America tour. Though named after the Supertramp album, Hodgson won’t be performing it in full, as he and Davies made a gentlemen’s agreement years ago not to perform the other’s songs in concert. That means no “Goodbye Stranger,” for one.

Purchase Supertramp – “Take The Long Way Home” via iTunes, Amazon MP3.

  • Spike424

    As one of those fans who really would love to see Roger Hodgson and Rick Davies perform together again, I gotta admit, Roger and his band are better now than Supertramp ever was! Roger’s vocals and his musical genius have just continued to get better and better through the years. And the group of guys he has playing with him are some of the best I’ve ever heard! They are so in sync with each other and complement each other’s talents so well that they just pull you right in to the vortex of their magic and fun! Yes, fun. These guys love doing what they are doing and have fun just being together and making magic on stage. And Roger is right in the middle of the mayhem poking it with a stick every chance he gets! You have to see them in concert. You will sing, dance, laugh, cry and simply be amazed at how flipping good Roger and his band are. You won’t want the night to end and you will be trying to see them again and again. It won’t make that secret wish of having Roger and Rick together again disappear, but it will diminish it!

    • Well, thanks to your enthusiastic comment, Spike, I may just have to seek a Roger Hodgson concert out. I think he lives in Northern California now, so I guess he’s not terribly far away, as it turns out.

  • Carissa Ciociola

    It is a really special treat to have Roger
    Hodgson touring the US this summer! Not only is he the voice & true
    essence of Supertramp, but also the songwriter & composer of the
    songs we all grew up with. His distinctive voice is stronger & more
    vibrant than ever, in addition to his heartfelt & vivacious piano
    & guitar playing. Roger’s top-notch 4-piece band is absolutely out
    of this world, complete with saxophone to help us relive & fully
    immerse ourselves in our much simpler yesterdays. Memories will come
    flooding back when he plays the opening notes to Logical Song, Dreamer,
    Breakfast In America, Hide In Your Shell, Give a Little Bit… I could
    go on & on! Not only does he play the big hits, but also many of the
    deeper, incredible gems.

    I have traveled far & wide just to see Roger live, he is such a
    humble, kind & friendly soul. Between songs he speaks to you in such
    a relaxed way, you feel like he has been your close friend for many
    years. Not only is the concert magical & unforgettable, the
    reactions in the audience are priceless– beaming smiles of people
    realizing Roger is the one responsible for the songs they love so much,
    everyone is dancing on their feet, the spirit of love radiating
    throughout the venue is unlike anything you’ve ever felt before.

    You can follow him on his tour around the world on Facebook, as well
    as exclusive access to presale ticket information and newly announced
    tour dates: