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Van Go Lion covers Johnny Hates Jazz

June 29, 2011 1 Comment

Teasing it for weeks via Twitter, Portland synthpop duo (and Popservations faves) Van Go Lion have unveiled the cover song they’ve recorded. Even if I’d been given the year 1988 as a clue to its origins, I still wouldn’t have guessed “Shattered Dreams” by Johnny Hates Jazz to be the one on deck.

But Josh Loerzel and Amy Paige’s take isn’t a simple straight-up re-do of the smooth pop hit, but rather a recasting from the shadowy corners of clubland. No use crying over shattered dreams when you can get to stomping around about them. Even Johnny Hates Jazz approves of Van Go Lion’s move:

“Twenty-five years since ‘Shattered Dreams’ was originally a worldwide hit, and after nearly three and a half million airplays in the U.S. alone, it’s great that the song is reaching a new generation of music fans. We celebrate Van Go Lion’s innovative new recording, and have no doubt that it will add to this continuing success.”

Now if only Van Go Lion could make their revelatory dance-pop cover available for download (you know, so it could actually reach that “new generation of music fans”). But besides jazz, it appears that Johnny also hates free MP3s, and is very much an unyielding protector of copyrights. Perhaps up for sale at some point, then?

Instead, stream the cover to your heart’s content and pick up Van Go Lion’s latest EP, We Don’t Miss A Beat. The songs are all theirs, and all very good tunes indeed.