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[STRANGERS] cover Lana Del Rey

October 25, 2011 4 Comments

I finally got around to featuring Lana Del Rey a couple of weeks ago, on the occasion of the New York City singer-songwriter’s debut EP, Video Games, being released to iTunes.

The title track has become something of a cover song du jour, with Bombay Bicycle Club and Jamie Cullum getting press last week for their takes on the newly minted Q Award-winner‘s moody number.

Of course, a simple switch from female to male alone goes a long way to snaring attention, but London trio [STRANGERS] go one better than their fellow Brits. See, the real appeal of Del Rey’s “Video Games” is its filmic feel. [STRANGERS] retain that widescreen perspective while looking through the lens of their own dark pop sensibilities. If Del Rey’s original production sounds directed by David Lynch, [STRANGERS]’ cover is more David Fincher. An atmospheric moodiness, with an industrial pulse and some off-kilter warp, surrounds their recording of “Video Games,” and makes it the clear champion.

Another reason [STRANGERS]’ cover bests the rest? True L-O-V-E. The band just really digs Del Rey’s “Video Games.” “We love the song and we wanted put our own take on it,” frontman David Maddox-Jones told Popservations. “It’s a timeless pop song!”

[STRANGERS] even crafted a music video to accompany their cover of “Video Games.” Using some footage from this past year of their group of friends, it’s a tonally brilliant execution, proving the world was indeed built for two: Lana Del Rey and [STRANGERS].

Free download of [STRANGERS] – “Video Games” (Lana Del Rey cover) via SoundCloud.