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Steed Lord covers De’Lacy

February 9, 2012 2 Comments

Six years ago, Steed Lord formed in Reykjavik, Iceland, with Kali, Demo, and Mega coming together to create their musical performance art project. Now based in Los Angeles, the trio is celebrating their anniversary by releasing their first single of 2012 as a free download.

Though they’d teased fans for couple of weeks that something new was coming soon, Steed Lord still managed to surprise. Their new single isn’t an original composition, but a cover of De’Lacy’s dance classic, “Hideaway,” famously (and quite lusciously) remixed by D.C. based duo Deep Dish upon the song’s release in 1995.

Steed Lord’s new re-do of “Hideaway” owes a sonic debt to the decade previous to that. The pulsating synths draw upon early ’80s house music (no surprise there, a Steed Lord favorite), but their cover also conjures up another, much more mainstream source — the breakdown in Harold Faltermeyer’s “Axel F.”

Making Steed Lord’s De’Lacy cover even better are Kali’s vocals. She turns it out, as if there should have ever been any doubt. De’Licious.

If you’re not terribly familiar with Steed Lord, I suggest starting with last year’s Eddie House EP, one of my Top 10 EPs of 2011. The trio is just as interested in fashion as they are music, even designing a line of fashionable scarves? I imagine they’re the perfect accessory for diva-ing out in the discotheque to “Hideaway.”

Free download of Steed Lord – “Hideaway” (De’Lacy cover) via their Facebook page.