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Pet Shop Boys’ Chris Lowe covers New Order

June 14, 2011 1 Comment

Chris Lowe, who, with Neil Tennant, makes up Popservations heroes Pet Shop Boys, contributes vocals to Stop Modernists‘ deep-house cover of New Order’s “Sub-culture” (from 1985’s Low-Life ).

Not sure how Stop Modernists (aka Finnish DJ/producers Jori Hulkkonen and Alex Nieminen) were able to coax the typically reticent Lowe to get behind the mic. He’s famously loathe to do so, with only a handful of Pet Shop Boys tracks featuring him front and center, like “Paninaro,” for one. This exchange between Neil and Chris regarding “Paninaro,” taken from the liner notes to the Please/Further Listening 1984-1986 release, illustrates the point rather well:

Neil: It was a nightmare, Chris doing his vocal.
Chris: You know what I’m like.
Neil: I think he only did it twice.
Chris: I was only saying a list of words.
Neil: It was like getting blood out of a stone.

Perhaps Stop Modernists’ opportunity to pay tribute to some fellow synthpop pioneers was just the hook Lowe needed.

Listen to the radio edit of “Subculture” below (titular hyphen now removed), though today’s single release comprises only the Main Vocal Extended and Dub (as any classic 12″ should). Stop Modernists say they’ve got no plans for additional remixes, but really, that pair is all you need.

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