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Nero covers The Jets

October 2, 2011 2 Comments

In the ’80s, groups didn’t come much more squeaky clean than The Jets. Mormons from Minneapolis, Minnesota (by way of the tiny island kingdom of Tonga), the band of eight siblings enjoyed five top 10 hits, including first single, “Crush On You.” The memorably catchy tune spent two weeks at #3 in June 1986.

Twenty-five years later, London electronic dance duo Nero had the inspired thought to dirty up “Crush On You.” Dan Stephens and Joe Ray speed up and then drag The Jets’ candy-coated pop song through some dubstep sludge, while being mindful that the melody not get lost in the mix. “Crush On You” is the fourth UK single from Nero’s debut album, Welcome Reality, following their #1 hit, “Promises.”

The music video for Nero’s “Crush On You” is like an English boarding-school take on The Craft, though I’m not sure if the girls are banding together to crush the boy who’s been playing all of them or hellbent on destroying each other in the process. Maybe both.

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