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Erika Spring covers Eurythmics

July 12, 2012 0 Comments

Erika Spring, one-third of Brooklyn dream-pop trio Au Revoir Simone (last heard remixing Washed Out), has released her self-titled debut solo EP. The 5-track set was recorded with Violens‘ Jorge Elbrecht, with whom she issued a split single last July.

Spring’s half, “6 More Weeks,” wraps the new EP, but it’s the track before it that has my attention, a cover of Eurythmics’ “When Tomorrow Comes.” The song, from 1986’s Revenge, is one of my all-time favorites from Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart, though I didn’t discover it until the release of the duo’s Greatest Hits in 1991. Radio basically stopped playing Eurythmics after “Missionary Man,” also from Revenge, and “When Tomorrow Comes,” which served as the album’s lead single everywhere else, was amazingly never given a shot in the U.S.

Spring, who experienced a similar late awakening to the song, ushers Eurythmics’ assertive rocker into her wheelhouse, with “When Tomorrow Comes” taking on more tender tones. In an interview with Fader, she shared the inspiration for tackling the track:

“I was working for a friend of mine and he had a ‘Best of Eurythmics’ album. I love Annie Lennox. She’s just such a forceful powerhouse and I never thought that I could bring anything to one of her songs. She’s just such a force as a performer and I’m a little more reserved, but when I heard “When Tomorrow Comes” the words just got me. They’re just the most beautiful little tale of when you really love someone, and you’re watching them sleep or just thinking about what they’re thinking about, and I just wanted to say them — I just wanted to say the words.”

Those words are exactly the reason why “When Tomorrow Comes” first resonated with me over two decades ago. They’re some of Annie Lennox’s best-ever lyrics.

Though promoting her EP, Spring is also back in the studio with her Au Revoir Simone bandmates, working on a new album planned for release early next year.

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